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    One –man project  Asmoday's wings   was formed by Bogdan Sergay ( Sergious Malicious) in 2006, who had been lived in Murmansk (Russia). In the beginning performing music characterized as acoustic – sympho passages dominants and takes experimental sound.  Sergious Malicious began play very late (17 years old) and didn’t had special musical education. In that time he liked fast, aggressive music such as punk rock and wanted to play something like this. In the beginning of twenty one century Sergious Malicious was student and didn’t had lot many to buy normal instruments, because of that he played on old acoustic guitar for  long times. About  five years  after long music improvisations were recorded first two song  „Mirage”  and  „Demon ”, published on first cd called „One drop of abyss….”  in  remastered form as compared with originals.In the same time was bought electro guitar ,amplifier, mixer due to Sergious Malicious  was allowed to change sound and achieved new stage in creation.

      In 2006 -2007 frameworks  musical creation of project were very fuzzy because of there  were influences  classical rock, heavy metal,  and scores experimental traces.Stylist  Asmoday's wings is atmospheric funeral doom with great influence of keyboards and philosophic lyrics of songs.  The idea to play doom metal came in the beginning of 2008 under impression of listening classical albums famous  bands such as  Skepticism, Tiamat, My dying bride, Tales of dark, Gravewom, Grivf and in the same time took place meeting with one musician  of murmansk’s  death/doom band Taraksy. This all happens decided the musical future of project.

      The first album called „One drop of abyss….”   was recorded in September 2008 in home studio Sergious Malicious  and proposed to listeners six tracks about 30 minutes severed in experimental raw funeral doom and released on independent label Satanarsa records.

           Year 2009 was filled with sorrow, destitutions, disappointments,  due to was recorded second album called "Splinters of former belief" threaded clue untidy memories about dwelled period of life. Album had been obtained very monolith, conceptual absolutely reflect edge of funeral doom style. The great attention on the album spared to keys arrangements in the form of organic passages, violoncello, melancholic piano, atmospheric noises such as noise of wind, waters flows, creak of trees. All of that sounds added with rich and low growl vocal and unhurried buzzing guitars with psychedelic morphing  sounds finished the picture of catatonic-melancholic apocalypse.

    Sergious Malicious have been continued collaboration with Satanarsa records, and second album had been released in September 2010.

    Now musician have worked on the thrid album which called "Impossible artificcialy of material existance". this album collects all previous expirience and becomes more melodic and different. It will contains 6 new tracks about one hour.